Touchscreen Transceivers

Press and Affiliations

A new standard for user interaction

By being able to interact directly with a touchscreen we can create a simple bridge between the physical and the digital.

You don't need VR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC - or even less secure QR-code; you only need a touchscreen - just like an iPad.


Infiniti Event

Event Management

A collaboration with Infiniti resulted in a tailored event management system that delivered guest registration, test car drives, and brochure delivery all with a single card tap on an iPad.

Eventfull Solutions

Events and Marketing

As per many clients’ requests for marketing solutions using our technology and cards, we developed an in-house event management system on iPads utilizing kcards to act as access badges.

Cookie Kiddle


Convert any iPad into a kinaesthetic phonics learning game. Our own Cookie Kiddle adds a physical playing touch to conventional digital devices.