Bridging the Gap.

Introducing the KCardTM.
Touchscreen readable smartcards.


Touchscreen Based

  • No NFC needed
  • No magnetic strip needed
  • No optical recognition

4 Platform APIs

Our KCardsTM work with and are easily programmable on all major platforms and most touchscreen devices(1), ensuring you have the highest user reach on our ecosystem.

Positional Tracking

Accurate KCardTM tracking adds an extra layer of interaction.



We have experts in manufacturing to help deliver batches of custom designed KCardsTM to you.

Software Development

Kazoo can also provide software development expertise to integrate KCardsTM with your system, or build a new one.

If you want to do it yourself, no problem! Our easy-to-use API will get you started up in no time.


Inhouse designers to help design tailored KCardsTM perfect for your business.

If you want your own designs printed, no problem. Just send them over!


We’ll work with you to extract the maximum value out of KCardsTM for your business.

past partner

private event project

“Kazoo delivered a dynamic and seamless customer experience for our INFINITI Demo Day event – from guest registration, ordering brochures, to booking a test drive – all in 10 seconds!”

How to partner with us

Example Infiniti Promo Event


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“Stanford grad quites banking to establish startup that takes touchsreen technology to another level.”
“Kazoo’s technology is easy to use and adopt; a natural fit in areas like toys and games, edutainment, marketing, personal access ID, and two-factor authentication.”
“Kazoo designs and develops leading edge IoT solutions for touchscreen devices.”

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